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Take Off

by Kristalia

Take Off Mirror by Kristalia

DIMENSIONS: 53 x h79 cm
FINISHES: white/wood
READY FOR: Sketchup, Rhino, Revit, Vectorworks, ArchiCAD




Experience the premium touch of the brand new Apple Vision Pro, virtually recreated in an exclusive 3D model, tailored for Enscape rendering. This iconic masterpiece of footwear design, a symbol of VR and tech, is now available in a high-quality 3D representation.
With this 3D model, you can bring a touch of urban chic to your virtual environments, architectural visualizations, or digital collections in Enscape. Whether you’re creating a virtual sneaker store, designing an athletic facility, or just a fan of this legendary shoe, the Apple Vision Pro model is a must-have asset for your Enscape projects.

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